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These 3rd party applications make use of the Graphics32 library:

ABB MoCon Robust CMT200 - Tool for configuration, maintenance and tuning of industrial crane drives and motion controllers - ABB Crane Systems

AquaSoft DiaShow XP - Slide shows for DVD-Player and PC -

artelogic's plasMatrix - Multi parameter exposure filter for photos -

Battalion Map Editor - Map editor for the online strategy game Battalion

BlackBallEd - Level editior for the puzzle games "enigma" and "Per.Oxyd"

CarMa - Mobile Multimedia - A multimedia frontend designed for CarPC?'s -

Caster Create customized word clouds with everything you want. -

Centaurix Softnode - Comprehensive new modular graphics software with node-based editor and much more -

Chess Openings Wizard - Professional chess theory software in Delphi 2007 - Commercial but source code is available - Chess Openings Wizard

ColorPic - This Colorpicker has an inbuilt magnifier and allows you to save full palettes of colors.

ConTEXT - A small, fast and powerful freeware text editor, developed to serve as a secondary tool for software developers.

Darwin The Monkey - An eye-catching platform game that uses Graphics32 for compositing background textures -

Dynamic Architect - Powerful tool that simplifies the creation of advanced dynamic web pages -

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook - Shell Context app to convert, resize and upload photo to Facebook photo album -

Filters - Filters is a library implementing image filters and image processing functions -

FotoShow Brenner / SlidePro - -

FSeqEdit - Editor for the Yamaha FS1R? music speech synthesizer -

FunLabyrinthe - Highly customizable maze game using Graphics32 for all graphics -

Gertrudis Graphics - An application to apply filters to photos to make them look like handmade drawings or paintings -

GLoSS - high-quality screensaver and desktop changer for Gallery2 which uses the random Image Block functionality in Gallery2 to download images from your Gallery installation and use them as a Windows screensaver and as a background on your Windows desktop -

GMDH Shell - A forecasting software developed by Geos Research Group, that enables users of all types to easily and accurately forecast their data -

Graphics 32 Image Editor - GIE32 is a Tile Editing software. It can be used to edit just about any type of tileable image, or simply as a normal image editor.

GraphicsMagic Pro - GraphicsMagic? Pro is an image processing editor with many image manipulation filters which supports image layer handling.

GuildWars Visions - An information tool for the game "Guild Wars" - (german site)

HelpNDoc - Free and easy to use tool to create HTML Help File -

IM DVD Image Capture (a.k.a DVDGo Pro) - A Software Designed to Capture Images from DVD -

IM Video Image Capture - A Video Still Image Capture Software, It's using GR32 for Image Viewing and Editing -

Image Inc. - Free utility to help you quickly blend/merge images using a layer transparency mask -

iP (Imaginary Palaces, Castles Of The Mind). Visual 2D Chat Software -

iTwin - View, backup and export your iPhone or iPod Touch databases (contacts/sms/calendar/notes) -

Launcher - A Quickstart ToolBar -

Light Image Resizer from ObviousIdea popular product ( previously known as VSO Image Resizer ) , batch convert, resize or watermark photos -

LinSy3d.exe - Lindenmayer System Interpreter -

Macromedia Captivate - Create interactive simulations and software demonstrations -

Magnifier - Easily zoom in on areas of your screen and work with every detail. -

Mandala Painter - Graphics editor to create Mandala drawings, i.e., kaleidoscopic images. -

Martis - Program to create GPS vector maps. -

MasterChess 7000 and 8000 - Professional chess database and playing software in Delphi 2007 - MasterChess?

Maxx's Games - Maxx's Delphi site with some small games (Minesweeper, LoGiK?, ...). And the games come with full delphi sources! -

Meeting3D and WorkSpace3D - 3D Web and video conferencing software -

MindVisualizer - Software to create "mind maps", i.e. graphics to organize ideas -

mmmJukebox Party Jukebox Software -

MonkeyJam - a free animation program for pencil testing and stopmotion animation -

Multieditor - Several projects based on multieditor technology -

OnyxCicada - Backup and Encryption program to do steganography -

OpenCapture - Screen capture application ( korean ) - - An application aimed to Churches to project images and lyrics on a screen -

Photomagia Resize Free - provide easy and free way to resize photos for your web site, digital catalog or personal image gallery... -

PhotoOnweb Photo Sharing software - a simple application written in Delphi XE to generate web album online -

PhotoSurfer - Photo Viewer, organizer and editor. Designed for Families with a digital camera -

Picto Selector - Free visual supports you can make for your child. Daily schedules, visual schedules etc, the download contains over 20000 symbols, written with Delphi XE 2 -

SCAR - A free color clicker that is used to automate tasks in games -

Screen Calipers - The most accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

Screen Compass - Measure the radius, circumference and area of circular or polygonal shapes on your screen simply and quickly.

Screen Protractor - The Screen Protractor allows you to easily measure any angle on the screen.

Serious Samurize - popular advanced system monitoring and desktop enhancement engine -

Shades - picture post-processing editor for transport simulation game Simutrans -

SharpDesk - desktop component of the SharpE shell replacement for win32 -

SIVeX - File Manager -

si.Mail - Open source e-mail client -

SMB3 Workshop - a level editor for the NES game Super Mario Bros. 3 -

Speedy Shopper - A grocery shopping list manager for Windows.

Springboard - Production planning tool for movies/video/animation. Outline a production, draw storyboards, make animatics -

SpriteEdit - A sprite editor for AGAST -

TaxMachine XP - Tax forms filling software -

Tembo Color Express - Color Express is professional and intuitive color picker application that will help you work with color quickly and easily -

Tembo QrCode Receiver - QrCode? Receiver is a reliable utility designed to generate barcodes -

Tembo Virtual Age - Virtual Age is a professional application that includes a set of tools to help you to create the effect of traditional photography -

TpX - A simple graphical editor for inclusion of graphics in TeX? files. -

Transcript - Program to help you to transcribe text from images when OCR is not possible -

True BoxShot - An easy tool to create professional 3D box shots -

ViPlay3 - Media Player (Rise of the Players) -

Viu 2 - Freeware Image Viewer/Browser -

VRTool - Program for sailboat route planning. Virtual regatta tool -

WallMagician - A free wallpaper manager -

WoodlandCalc - A data presentation tool for the UK Forestry Commission -

Wow Cartographe - A map cartography system for World of Warcraft -

X1 Platform - A versatile and user-friendly desktop search software that supports on-the-fly indexing of content, built-in content viewers and much more.

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