Subject ANN: FMX.Canvas.VPR
From Mattias Andersson <>
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2011 01:24:50 +0200
Newsgroups graphics32.general

Hi Everyone,

Here's one of my latest projects -- a new canvas implementation for  
FireMonkey, based on my open source polygon rasterizer VPR.

Check out the latest version from the following svn repository:


  - perfect antialiasing (superior to GDI+ and D2D);
  - high performance;
  - minimal API dependencies;
  - support for gamma correction;
  - support for cleartype font rendering;
  - can easily be ported to other platforms.

Simply add the unit FMX.Canvas.VPR as the first unit of your fmx project  

There are still some bugs -- for instance, menus and windows are not drawn  
correctly, so if you want to help improve it, you're very welcome.  
Additionally I think some profiling may be useful in order to pinpoint the