Subject Re: Changes to TKernelResampler (Revision 1389)
From Anders Melander <>
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2011 13:54:57 +0200
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Michael Hansen <team graphics32> wrote:

>Yes, we should add this to the resampler demo, perhaps Anders could post the
>test app?

I'm not sure it's a good idea to clutter the resampler demo with something
like this. I doubt the technical aspects of the benchmark will be interesting
to most people although the results might be. Maybe we should just add the
results to the documentation - with a short explanation of course?

This is the test app:

1) Add a bitmap (or drop one of the desired size onto to application).

2) Set the size to something interesting (e.g. 1000x1000)

3) Execute the Zone Plate filter with the default parameters (Scale: 2).
The Zone Plate filter is located under the Filter group (The blue gear

4) Execute the Benchmark Rotate Quality filter.
Leave the angle at 5. The filter will rotate with the specified angle 36
Adjust the width of the sampling kernel with the Quality slider.

I have attached the relevant source in it's present state. As you can see the
zone plate and rotate/benchmark actions are part of a much larger framework so
the source cannot be used in a demo as-is.